Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedded Bliss

I know some people roll their eyes when it comes to weddings - the unnecessary stress, hassle, and expenses. Silly little details, bridezillas, drama, and the ever-expanding budget. I get that - it is just one day. But despite this, I can't help myself. I love, love, love weddings. I love the little things that make the day personal to the couple. I love pouring over the colors, flowers, rings, dresses, and cakes. But what I love most is this tangible feeling in the air. When you look around and feel that all of THIS is taking place to celebrate one couple's love and commitment. It's hard not to get absorbed in these thoughts as I design wedding albums. The joy and excitement are written on every picture. As I design a couple's album, I feel like I am sharing this amazing day with them, like I am right there at the wedding cheering them on. Of course I love the detail shots and the ceremony pictures and the getting ready chaos. But my very favorite shots are the stolen moments between the newly-pronounced husband and wife, glowing in a way only a bride and groom can. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the romance of it all!

I recently designed an album for the talented Amanda Pappas. She is a pro at capturing these defining moments. The bride and groom looked so sweet and it was obvious that they were really enjoying their wedding. I love that! Here are some spreads to share. Enjoy!

photography by Amanda Pappas

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  1. What a beautiful couple! Your layout with her getting ready does make you feel like you are there and anticipating the big day! And...they look so happy!