About KruBooks

KruBooks is an album design company that works directly with individuals and photography studios. It is our desire to make wedding albums that are a work of art, focusing first and foremost on the bride, groom, and details of the day.  We strive to create a showcase of the most beautiful and stirring images, a powerful arrangement of the pictures you will forever treasure.  To do this, we place priority on the love, details, and moments which made the day uniquely yours. Our goal is to design an album which really captures the beauty of your story.

KruBooks offers print/bind options for brides and design only services for photographers. Our work process is very flexible and individual – we structure our clients’ workflows in the way that is most comfortable and helpful to the photographer. Along with beautiful layouts, you get the benefits of working one-on-one with a designer.  We keep track of all dates for each order - the date pictures are received, the first draft is sent, when revisions come in, when a second draft is sent, and when the album is approved.  We are your own personal project managers, doing everything needed to make sure the album is brought to completion!

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