Monday, August 31, 2009

A Good Friend

This is a good friend: A while back I heard from a guy who was looking for a unique wedding gift for his buddy. Several members of the wedding party were going in together to get something, and he was wondering if I would do an album for the couple. I thought the idea was wonderful, of course, but a little tricky logistically. First, the groomsman had to find out if the couple was already getting an album in their photography package, then he had to make sure they were getting a CD of images. Finally, he had to figure out how to get a copy of the images to me without raising too many questions. Amazingly enough, he pulled it off! He surprised the couple this weekend with their finished album. Here's what he had to say:

"Hey Katie! So I finally gave the book to Ryan and Andrea! They, like me, thought it was just amazing. They were so impressed, and very touched by it. You really have a gift for capturing the moment and laying it out for all to see for years to come. Thank you again for all of your work on this."

I'm so glad I got to be a part of this special gift. So fun! Let me know if you are interested in giving an album to one of your friends. I am always up for a sneaky scheme :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Walter: Lost and Found

What a tramatic week we've had...

Sunday night we had some really great friends over for dinner. As people were saying goodbye, Walter slipped out a door, ran for the road, and was hit by a pick-up truck. I didn't see it, but was told he was hit really hard - the truck was going at least 30 mph, and he was dragged 20 feet. His leg was pinned under the car, but as soon as it backed up, he bolted. I've read since that many dogs instinctively react that way- maybe to escape something that might hurt them again. That night, we spent hours and hours walking/driving around calling out his name. We did it again in the morning, and that next night. I put up flyers and Brent called every shelter/vet nearby. I really thought it was a lost cause. I was torn between grieving for our little guy, and worrying sick that he might still be out there in pain and scared. The night Walter ran away, we put his bed on our porch, hoping the smell would bring him back. Tuesday morning, Brent and I heard a sound out front. I went downstairs, and there was Walter, just laying on his bed! It was truly a miracle. We took him to the vet right away, expecting the worst. His back leg was swollen to twice its size and and the whole things was one big open wound. But amazingly enough, there were no broken bones. His leg is completely torn up, so it will need daily bandages for about a month. But we feel blessed - it could have been so much worse. We are so thankful God heard our prayers and brought him home in one piece!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The First Forty Years

I'm starting a new project that I am wildly excited about. A few months ago, I did a wedding album for an awesome bride in New Orleans. Her parents were so impressed with the book that they asked me to do an album to commemorate their 40th anniversary. I got all the scanned pictures this week. As I flipped through them, I was struck with just how special this project is. In my job, I see a lot of wedding pictures. There's nothing like it - the new love, excitement, promise. But this is different; this is enduring and forever. With these images, I'm watching an entire story unfold as this beautiful couple evolves and remains in love through the years. I'm touched to the core with this one. I just had to share their album's first page:

Congratulations, Edwin and Barbara on forty years of wedded bliss. May you have many, many more!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camping with Walter

We had a great time camping with my family last weekend. Walter loved being outside and surrounded by people. He especially loved sleeping in the tent with us. He curled up between Brent's legs and stayed there the whole night. Such a good dog (except for the time he escaped and ran into our neighbor's site...they weren't very happy about that...)

Here's my nephew Jack just waking up Saturday morning. He was so cute in his little giraffe chair!

One of the best parts of the weekend was the water balloon fight. I think Brent made the biggest one!

It was an incredibly hot weekend, so we tried to lay low during the day. But we did take time to visit a few stops on the World's Longest Yardsale. This yard sale follows Route 127 and goes from West Unity, Ohio to Gadsden, Alabama. Brent and I have gone the last three years, and we didn't want to miss it!

When we got home on Sunday, Walter was exhausted. He slept the entire day (and most of Monday). It was a great trip!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Layout of the Week

This week has gone by so fast for me that I almost forgot to post my Friday layout of the week! This layout is for Dede Edwards, one of my favorite photographers. First, I just love the shot of the wedding dress with the two pink dresses on either side. The colors in these images are just amazing, so I decided to play that up with pops of pink on either side. The background for the spread is a very muted black and white close up of the flowers. Fun and girly, just the way I like it :)

photography by Dede Edwards

I hope you all have a great weekend! We are going camping with the family - and Walter is coming too! I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It Runs in the Family

When Brent and I got married in December of 2006, I searched high and low for the perfect photographer. But after seeing the album prices, I decided to just get the CD of images and figure out something myself. Designing my own album was a blast! I started dreaming of someday doing this for other brides and photographers. It took months of planning, marketing, figuring out suppliers and prices. Finally, in October of 2007, KruBooks was launched. I can't believe it's been almost 2 years! It's been an amazing journey, and I am so thankful to be living my dream.

As it turns out though, I wasn't the only one in my family who had the creative entreprenaur gene! In February 2009, my sister Sarah started her own online stationary shop called Jack and Izzy.

Her etsy shop features a great variety of products - personalized stationary, stickers, prints, invitations, birth announcements. One of her most popular items are these adorable bookplates. Aren't they so sweet?

Sarah's business has exploded in the first 6 months, and I am so proud of her. Her ideas are all incredibly creative, but what's even more wonderful is how her attention to detail ensures that each product is impectably produced and packaged. Check out these party packs! If you want to throw a perfectly cordinated shower or birthday party, this is the way to do it!

For more information on Sarah and her shop, you can check out the Jack and Izzy blog. Visit often for great home/entertaining inspiration, gift ideas, and other fabulous etsy artists.