Thursday, May 27, 2010

Courtney and JC

I first heard from Courtney in November of 2008. She told me that although she wasn't getting married until November 7, 2009, she already knew she wanted me to do her album. Before she picked her photographer she wanted to know what she would need from them in order to work with me. I thought she was so incredibly brilliant to be thinking ahead like that! And, of course, I was very flattered and excited that she choose me to design her album.

Well, a year and five months went by, and Courtney emailed again to say that she was finally married and had just gotten her pictures from the photographer. It was such a pleasure working with Courtney on her album. Her details and decorations were so bright and happy. I love the bright green and orange color scheme - perfect for her Isle of Palms wedding.

photography by Kim Graham

Congratulations, Courtney and JC! Thanks for letting me design your album!

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