Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's All in the Details

My biggest weak spot when designing an album - detail shots! I just can't say no to those amazing flower close-ups, getting ready accessories, reception details, and of course, ring shots! I know from planning my own wedding, SO much time goes into arranging the "little things." Why wouldn't you want all that hard work featured in your album!?

Details shots are perfect for the opening pages of the the album. They quickly convey the color scheme and mood of the wedding. Check out all the pretty pink in this spread:

photography by Brooke Schwab

I love the bold blue in this one, and how the main image captures the intricacy of the dress hem. There are so many great "getting ready" details - the bouquets, the shoes, the dress, the hair, the make-up...the list goes on and on!

photography by Brooke Schwab

Set the scene for the reception section of the album with some more great detail shots. Here's the spread from my own winter wedding:

photography by Steve Lyons

Sometimes I like to put a bunch of detail shots on one page to capture how well everything fits together...

photography be Dede Edwards

And sometimes I like to feature just a few shots to make a strong and elegant statement.

photography by Elizabeth Dondis

It's easy to pick the formals and action shots for the album, but don't forget those all-important detail images! These pictures are what really tell the story of that unforgettable day.


  1. Katie! you are so talented!!! :) I am so proud.. I brag about you all the time to people getting married.

  2. You are amazing! your work is amazin!

  3. whoops i didn't mean to say "amazin" :)

  4. I like the middle spread. It looks like a beautiful wedding!