Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's a GIRL...and a BOY!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Don't you wish all weeks had one less weekday? We had an especially fun treat this weekend - we found out the gender for two of our on-the-way niece/nephews! Right now, Brent and I have three pregnant sisters. We will have SEVEN nieces/nephews by February! We've known for a while that Brent's sister Joelle is having a boy, Kru William, in November. When we found out that Lorren and Sarah's ultrasounds were a day apart, I was ecstatic! On Thursday, we got the call that Brent's other sister Lorren has her second GIRL on the way. I'm so glad little Savi is getting a sister!

My sister Sarah had her ultrasound Friday, and planned a little party to announce whether baby Addy or baby Noah is on the way. Everyone had to wear pink or blue for what they thought the baby would be. It was such a fun party!

Here's my nephew Jack and I (both predicting a baby girl):

Jack's been saying for MONTHS that he thinks baby "Addy" is in mommy's tummy. Here's a clip from the party...

Time for the big reveal! Sarah and Garret put a pink or blue gumball in the center of each cupcake.'s a BOY!!!

You can see more pictures of the party details on Sarah's blog. She is incredible!

Brent and I are so excited for our new niece and nephews! We can't wait for them all to get here. I just love being an aunt :)


  1. And you are a wonderful aunt, Aunt "Kiki"! How is it possible you will have 4 nieces and 3 nephews?!! God is so amazing!

  2. That video of Jack is HILARIOUS! I'm so glad you caught that on tape! :)