Friday, September 18, 2009

Cards: Christmas

Instead of doing a layout of the week this Friday, I'm going to continue with my card series. I'm afraid I'll loose steam if I wait till Monday!

I know it's only September, but, believe it or not, it's not too early to start thinking about Christmas cards! I love, love, LOVE the Christmas season. Everything about it makes me giddy. I always try to send my cards early so I can get everyone else's cards when they send them (an incredibly selfish motive, I know!).

Here are the cards Brent and I sent our first and second year of marriage:

I've also designed Christmas cards for photographers to send out to potential/past clients. Here's one I did last year for Dede Edwards. Front:


We have family friends who, instead of sending Christmas cards each year, send Valentine's day cards. This gives them more time to spend enjoying family and friends around the hectic holiday season. I think it's such a great idea!

If you are interested in having me design your Christmas card (or Valentine's Day card!) this year, please shoot me an email at The design fee is $50. Then I can order the cards for you (pricing will vary depending on quantities) or I can send you the high resolution file to order on your own through Kinkos, Snapfish, or another printer. Please don't hesitate to call or email for more details!

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  1. You are SO on the ball, Kate! I just realized this week that I should start working on some Jack and Izzy holiday designs.