Friday, July 22, 2011

Real Home - Baby Nursery

In May, a friend of a friend asked me to design her wedding album. She and her husband have been married for three years, and are now expecting their first child. I had a blast working with Heather on her album. She is such a sweet girl - I like to now consider her my virtual friend :) Here's a link to her blog to see the post she wrote about the album.

A couple weeks ago she asked if I could help with some wall art for the nursery. She liked the Rod Stewart "Forever Young" print, but wasn't sure if the colors would work. So she sent me some pictures of the room decor and the corner where the sign would be hung. I did a couple variations, with different shades of grey and yellow. But when she found this beautiful grey frame at Michaels, I knew a cream background would be the perfect fit. I matched the yellow accent to the pillows and ribbons in the room and...voila!

I'm so excited to "meet" Heather and Christian's sweet little one. Now that the nursery is ready, Baby can come any time!


  1. love it! grey and yellow are so soothing.

  2. What a gorgeous, gorgeous nursery. Your print looks beautiful in the room!!