Thursday, October 14, 2010

KruBooks News

I can't believe I haven't announced this on my KruBooks blog yet, but we have some relocation news! My husband was offered a 20 month assignment in Grand Cayman, and we decided to seize the moment and go for it! When are we moving? MONDAY! We've known about the move for about six months, and I've already contacted my current clients to let them know, but silly me - I forgot to post it on my blog!

Anyway, I love the nature of KruBooks because it really can go anywhere. Since the business is so much file transfer (photographers send me images, I send back finished layouts), it's easy to do from wherever. If someone orders a design, print, and bind album, I will still be able to order from my printing suppliers and have the book shipped to the client. Hopefully you won't even notice much of a change! I am so excited for this new adventure, but want to assure you that I will still be very much on top of things here at KruBooks. You can't get rid of me that easily :)

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