Monday, February 15, 2010

Subway Signs

A couple years ago, Brent and I were watching What Women Want and saw these posters with Cincinnati neighborhoods hanging in Mel Gibson's NY apartment. Then we started seeing them in other movies like I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Just Friends. We loved the look and thought they would be cool personal touch in our home. I did an extensive search but couldn't find them anywhere online (though I did find a whole bunch of other people looking for them - so I knew I wasn't crazy!).

* Edit - I was told you can find similar signs on for $279 each. They have a lot of other cool vintage subway signs as well...check it out! *

So this year for our anniversary, I decided to make my own posters in the same style. I made them for Brent, and then thought maybe I should sell these in my etsy shop too.

In the shop, you can purchase the Cincinnati trolley signs for $50 each, or get your own custom subway sign for $75. I was contacted by an interior designer in Canada (Carol Reed Interior Design) about creating a custom Toronto sign. I checked out Carol's site and was amazing with her work! She bought the print for a bachelor's condo she was finishing up, and recently posted picture on her blog. I thought it would be fun to share the finished product!

If you are interested in the Cincinnati or Toronto prints, check out my etsy shop for more information. And if you have a custom project, send a message...I would love to help!


  1. I love those subway signs. Best anniversary present ever!

  2. You are amazing! I am definitely going to need to hire you to do something for us!

  3. awesome katie! but how could you forget MADISONVILLE on the sign!? haha jk. no one wants to go to Mville. :) WHEN CAN I SEE YOU. Henry is so big.

  4. I did not realize you MADE those, Katie. You are so incredibly talented!!!

  5. I am very inetrested in the Cincinnati subway poster (the one on the left with river downs etc) however I would like to have it in the original design with the extact layout and colors. If this is a possibility let me know as I would most likely order two of them! My email address is Thank you