Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby Blessings Shower

Last Saturday I hosted a baby blessings shower for my sister's second-born...just in time! Sarah called me at 1:00 am on Monday so I could watch Jack while they went to the hospital. She got to the hospital at 2:15 am, and Noah was born at 3:30 am. So quick there was no time for an epidural. I'm so proud of my big sis!

Here some shots from the shower. I sent out "Notes for Noah" cards with the invite so everyone could write a message to Noah. We put them all in a little album, next to the favors.

The food!

My favorite were the chocolate covered marshmallows and pretzels.

Cupcake and food tags:

My three wonderful sisters and first born nephew. I just love my family!

Pictures of my newest nephew coming up next!

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