Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spotlight on GauperPhoto

One of my favorite studios to work with happen to be two of my favorite people. I went to college with Holly - she has an incredible eye for design, and is a wiz at photoshop. I have always been in awe of her really. Then she married this amazing photographer, Ryan. Together they make an awesome team. So much fun!

Last Valentine's day, Holly and Ryan made a visit to Cincinnati and did a little photo shoot with us. We had such a great time! I love all the shots - it's hard to pick just a few to feature.

photography by GauperPhoto

I'm in a wedding in August for another one of my good college friends. Stephanie and her fiance are wildly entertaining, not to mention insanely good looking :) Ryan and Holly will be the photographers for the wedding, and I am so excited to see them in action. Here are a couple of shots from their engagement shoot with Hup and Steph.

photography by GauperPhoto

I'm sure you'll see some wedding pictures in a couple months. With this couple, and these photographers, I know they will be amazing!

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  1. Ryan and Holly are both so talented. I love to look at their pictures.